Privacy Policy

Depthstrike Entertainment’s Privacy policy (Effective: August 2, 2012, 0800 Eastern Daylight Time):

  • All login and registration information is used exclusively for login purposes AND contacting users in case of security breaches on the server. We will not sign users up for mailing lists without their express consent.
  • All mailings from Depthstrike Entertainment are opt-in/out capable with the exception of security breach contact.
  • All access logs are used exclusively for security purposes, for tracking and identifying misbehaving software, hack attempts and other malicious activity.
  • We employ 3rd party services on our site for authentication, discussion, tracking and recommendation sharing. These services have their own privacy policies outside of ours. Any information shared with them is beyond the scope of this policy and may be shared outside of Depthstrike Entertainment’s services and outside of these 3rd party services in accordance with the service’s policy.
  • Hosted site content MAY be age-restricted. Sections that currently are will be getting an age consent system (that do not currently have such).